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Castaway Island Coconut

Castaway Island Coconut

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Castaway Island Coconut - A tropical delight that combines the lively fragrance of pineapple lime, the zesty freshness of lemongrass coconut and the soothing notes of sandalwood vanilla.

In 2015, our second overseas escapade landed us in the enchanting embrace of Fiji.
The thrill of stepping into a foreign culture sparked a newfound love for travel.
Picture-perfect afternoons unfolded by the infinity pool, painted in the warm hues of Fijian sunsets. The underwater world beckoned, and snorkeling sessions became a gateway to coral wonders beneath the surface.
Jetski adventures added an adrenaline rush to our journey, leading us to the iconic Castaway Island. Amidst swaying palm trees and the rhythmic melody of ocean waves, the magic of this destination quickly became an indelible part of our travel saga. Each day's sun-soaked finale over the Pacific reminded us that Fiji had woven itself into the fabric of our wanderlust, shaping memories that lingered long after our return home.

Though small in size, our mini candles have big hearts! They typically burn for shorter intervals, so we advise against exceeding 2 hours at a time. This can affect the candle's longevity as the wax depletes 
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