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First Class Lounge

First Class Lounge

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First Class Lounge - Experience the cozy scent of cinnamon leaf, a hint of refreshing bergamot, the subtle warmth of oudh wood, a touch of leather, and the comforting notes of amber. Combining a blend of spice, citrus, exoctic woods and a touch of luxury 

As a child, our family watched every dime, and the idea of experiencing airport luxury in a first-class lounge felt like a distant dream (and a waste!!! of course). 

However, life has its surprises.
Thanks to hard work, a pandemic, and a bit of luck, we managed to be guests in a truly extraordinary experience.

Entering a first-class lounge for the first time was a special moment. I cherish the memories spent there with my wife, whether it was at the beginning of our adventures, filled with anticipation, or at the end, where we reminisced about the incredible experiences we had shared.

The scent of leather and oudh in that exclusive atmosphere became a symbol of the moments we'd worked hard to create, representing the excitement of our journeys and the bond we had formed.
Though small in size, our mini candles have big hearts! They typically burn for shorter intervals, so we advise against exceeding 2 hours at a time. This can affect the candle's longevity as the wax depletes 
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