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Santorini Sun

Santorini Sun

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Santorini Sun - Infusing the scent of coconut, salt, caramel, and vanilla brings to mind the delightful aromas of Santorini. It envelops you in a warm and indulgent atmosphere, reminiscent of the Mediterranean paradise, where you can almost feel the gentle sea breeze and the comforting presence of a tranquil island.

Our Santorini adventure was an unforgettable experience with our close friends. We explored Oia on a quad bike, uncovering its mesmerizing beauty at every turn. One of the highlights was the Red Beach, renowned for its scorching lava rock sand. Surprisingly, none of us had brought suitable shoes, so Clint carried us to the water's edge, turning a simple challenge into a humorous and memorable adventure.

Earlier in the day, we indulged in delicious gyros and some freshly made tzakiki for lunch, savouring the mouth-watering flavors of Greek cuisine. As the sun began to dip toward the horizon, we stumbled upon a charming waterfront restaurant. With the sea as our backdrop, we dined on freshly caught fish, which was a true testament to the island's culinary excellence. To accompany our meal, we enjoyed artisanal cocktails that perfectly complemented the stunning view. It was a perfect way to conclude our day of contrasts.

Our last night didn't disappoint either, as the sun descended over the caldera, we were treated to yet another breath-taking spectacle. The vivid colours painted the sky, casting a mesmerizing glow over the Aegean Sea. This sunset over the caldera served as the perfect culmination of our unforgettable Santorini adventure, etching this experience deep into our hearts and memories.

Though small in size, our mini candles have big hearts! They typically burn for shorter intervals, so we advise against exceeding 2 hours at a time. This can affect the candle's longevity as the wax depletes 
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